Sunday Sessions

Throckmorton Theatre is committed to fostering community and providing accessible, transforming experiences.  We believe the arts create and bestow community identity and a strong sense of identity and pride rallies confidence, hope and productivity. This cannot be done, however, without risk, adventure, and the willingness to embrace and understand the new.   We embrace that risk every day.

Our Sunday Sessions offer the community the opportunity to discover artists and be inspired in an intimate and positive setting. To ensure accessibility we offer these sessions free of charge to the public. We pay a small stipend to performers.  We greatly appreciate your help and support in making these programs possible – donations of any kind are appreciated.

Sunday Sessions Kimrea’s Pro Showcase

For these Sunday Sessions we invite some of the unsung working musicians, who form the backbone of the Bay Area music scene, to join us and showcase their talent. These musicians are established Bay Area performers, session players, sidemen and undiscovered talent! Kimrea, a prolifically active songwriter and performing musician, taps the talent for these Sunday Sessions, as well as the supporting musicians. She and her band continue to play regularly in the Bay Area and can be found every Monday Night (For the Last 14 years and counting) performing at the Historic No Name Bar in Sausalito, California.

Sunday Sessions with the Nathan Bickart Trio

The Nathan Bickart Trio combines a deep respect for jazz heritage with a desire to explore the ways in which this tradition has transformed into and supported related genres like R&B, funk, and hip-hop. Featuring Bay Area based musicians, the trio plays original compositions and jazz standards sure to brighten your evening and move your feet! Nathan Bickart is a talented pianist, composer, and educator based in Berkeley, CA.  Classically trained since age 6, Nathan began to play jazz in high school and has been heavily involved in the Bay Area jazz scene ever since. Nathan graduated from UC Berkeley, where he studied both Ecology and Music and learned from Bay Area piano greats Myra Melford, Peter Horvath, Gini Wilson, and Frank Martin. His music combines eclectic influences ranging from hip-hop to bluegrass, from Bill Evans to Robert Glasper.

Sunday Sessions Songwriter’s Circle

Songwriter’s Circle provides members of some of the most popular local bands with an outlet for creative expression; musicians are able to focus on their songwriting in an intimate space and the community is invited to share in the creative process. Singer/Songwriter Dore Coller is spearheading these sessions which highlight some of the best tunesmiths around.

Sunday Sessions Music Beyond Borders

A Musical Adventure that Spans the World!    Join us for a special afternoon with world percussionist/recording artist Ian Dogole and his rotating cast of world-class collaborators for a journey into a riveting and uplifting multicultural and cross-pollinating musical adventure. From music inspired by the Jazz masters to ragas from the Indian subcontinent to Moroccan traditional music to Andean-inspired sound healing and so much more – each afternoon you can revel in an ever-changing musical landscape.  Great for Music Students of All Ages!