Mission and Vision

  • Mission and Vision–Our mission is to unite our community through the transformative power of the arts.  We believe that creative expression and artistic experiences are fundamental not only to our shared cultural legacy but also to our common human condition and identity. We deliver artistic programs in all the creative fields that have the potential to unlock creative thinking, advance new ideas, and drive innovation.
  • Community–We consistently seek ways to afford talented artists and audiences the necessary freedom and support to take creative risks.  We engage audiences by offering them fresh perspectives and new depths of insight and understanding. We promote inclusion across ethnic, socio-economic and geographic barriers as an essential component of the thriving creative environment that we strive to create.
  • Education–We believe that education is one of the important building blocks of human growth and development, and are committed to broadening and expanding learning opportunities through the delivery of arts and cultural experiences. Our educational programs are intended to encourage dialogue as well as offer rich arts and humanities learning opportunities to young people as well as the entire community.  Our educational programs range from music and theatre classes to performance ensembles and full-fledged productions.  We carefully design our year-round palate of dynamic and provocative programs to:
  • Nurture creative thought and expression among artists and audiences alike
  • Engage and celebrate the interactive creative process on a par with the final product
  • Employ artistic mediums to challenge, inform and educate
  • Reflect, welcome and serve all segments of our community

Organizing Principles

  • To Engage, Challenge, Inform & Invigorate
  • To Provide a Forum for Informed Debate
  • To Provide Exposure to New Ideas
  • To Create a Venue for Dialogue & Conversation
  • To Cultivate New Talent & Foster Creative Thinking
  • To Educate & Inform Diverse Audiences
  • To Bring Together Local Businesses & Organizations In The Task of Presenting Nationally Recognized Performances of Artistic Excellence
  • To Foster Respect for Diversity of Origin and Thought in Our Community
  • To Dissolve Boundaries Which Limit Our Perception & Understanding
  • To Rethink the Way We See the World
  • To Dream