Our Supporters

We are deeply appreciative of the generous support that we receive. Your support makes it possible for us to provide exceptional arts and educational programming.  Theatre requires collaboration. It takes artists, technicians, performers and individuals like you!  Thank you!


Dr. and Mrs. Roger Greenberg
Bob M. Brown Fund
Tracy and Mark Ferron
Bill Hoppin
Bruce and Dasa Katz
Jan and Rory Little
Richard McKinley
Mercer-Slomoff Family
Jane Nydorf
Margaret O’Donnell and Josh Floum
The Nancy P. and Richard K. Robbins Family Foundation
Robert J. and Paula B. Reynolds
The Schow Foundation
Matt Wiggins


Gary and Nancy Carlston
Dylan and Dorlon Simonds
The Michelle and Robert Friend Foundation
Thomas Cohen


Gatian Cunningham
John and Agneta Dupen
Margritha Fliegauf
Jeffrey Freedman and Marie Boylan Freedman
Hugh and Elizabeth Fullerton Full Circle Fund
Bob and Karrie Groves
Larry and Carie Haimovitch
Andrew and Elizabeth Hunt
Howard and Elisabeth Jaffe
Pamela Keon
Robert and Karen Kustel
Larry Litvak and June Cooperman
Deborah Loft
Mike Moser Fund
Kenneth and Vera Meislin
Wendy Cagwin and Ross Nadeau
Margaret O’Leary and Bill Green
Angelo and Kimberly Salarpi
Catherine and Greg Stern
Steven and Katherine Stricker
Vickie Soulier
Diane and Bob Wagner
Wells Fargo Philanthropy Fund
Robert Wright


Josh Brier and Grace Alexander Brier
Lara and Chris Deam
Drexler Estate Fund
Shinji Eshima and Sandra Jennings
Mike Fottrell and Stacey Anderson
Barbara and Jonathan Jacobs
Louis and Britt Lagatta
Ronald Lovitt
The Lumpkin Family Foundation
Stella Perone
Michelle Schmitt
Beni and Katsuto Shinohara
Rebecca and Richard Smith
The Swig Foundation
Will and Leslie Thompson
Mel and Patricia Ziegler


Mary Anderson and Jeff Harris
Thomas and Marilyn Angelo
Keith and Catherine Baker Fund
David Bullard
Sara and Marcus Byruck
Jeanne Cahill
Gerald Cahill and Kathleen King
Julie and Doug Carlucci
David Catania and Diana Gay-Catania
Richard Cole
Ronie Dalton
Jenny Douglass and Andrew Basnight
Marsha and Thomas Dugan
Julian and Shirley Ehrlich
Victoria Ehrlich
Philip Fath
Douglas and Jane Ferguson
Rick Flaster and Alice Mead
Mary Garrison
Todd and Anne Gates
Constance Goodyear
Michael J. Gothelf, MD and Laurel L. Gothelf
John and Bonnie Gray
Kathleen Hahn
Mary Herr
Linda Hothem
Patricia Hunter
Shoko and Alfred Klyce
Kevin and Kathy Knowles
Jay Lalezari
Nancy Larsen
Laurie Cohen Fund
Warren R. Leiden
Anni Long and Jarion Monroe
Shaun Patrick Madden
Paul and Rachel Markun
Margaret Moster
Russell J Munsell and Suki Munsell
Peta Penson
Gillian Printon
Janice and James Prochaska
Laurence Pulgram and Kelli Murray
Richard and Diana Shore Charitable Fund
Beverly Rodgers
Francoise Rothstein
Cathy Houston Spratling
Steven and Elizabeth Suzuki
David and Diane Swartz
Loryn Lesley Sweet-Winer
Maryland Swensen
Beryl Jean Symmes
Beverly Tanner and Jerry Herman
Richard Thalheimer
Michelle and Jeff Tripp
Calvin Ward
Kate Wilson
Leslie Winokur and Lawrence Fogel

A Special Thanks to...

Blanche Thebom Trust Fund - Throckmorton Theatre is honored to acknowledge Blanche Thebom's extraordinary artistic legacy in the world of vocal music as well as her generosity.  Her gifts have offered substantive support to emerging vocal talent and our exemplary vocal music programs.

The Schow Foundation - A lifelong mentor of ours, the Schow Foundation was instrumental in the founding of our youth programs division. The program continues to grow, instilling in our children vital skills of leadership and creative and intellectual development. The Schow Foundation continues to be a compelling force in their ongoing community support of programs targeted to educating and developing compassionate and engaged human beings.