JUNE 2017 Art Exhibit

JUNE 2017 Art Exhibit

Main Theatre Gallery
TEBBY GEORGE  “From Many Shores”

Artist Statement
The human form has been for me an unending source of beauty and inspiration. My work is about the diversity as well as the similarity that I see in the people who surround me in the Bay Area – an area populated by people from many shores. Diversity, even at its most subtle level, stirs my imagination.

Although the physical manifestation of the subject is compelling – whether broad nose or high cheekbones, sharp angles or soft forms – it is the spirit of the individual that moves me to sculpt. It is not the uniqueness of the features or the drama of the gesture that gives a piece its greatest strength; it is, rather, the humanity of the subject.

Though I have worked in plaster, wax and cast metals, for me clay best holds and expresses the human spirit. It is a mirror of sentient life. It is soft and pliable; it is strong and resistant. It absorbs color and welcomes texture. It is sensitive to the most subtle touch; and if its nature is ignored or disrespected it responds with a stubbornness, unyielding to the sculptor’s demands.

My working process involves two complimentary approaches. One is working weekly with a model in a small group, honing skills and techniques, On the other days, I work alone in my studio, exploring materials and ideas. Currently I am experimenting with using several different clays in the same piece – everything from porcelains to heavily grogged clays. The results range from messy to magic.

My work is a continuing challenge to capture and express the spirit of each individual subject; it teaches me respect, patience and gratitude and it brings me great joy.

Crescendo Gallery
DEEPA JAYANTH   “Something will grow here” 

“In my beginning is my end” Medium: Oil on panel Size: 12″ x 36″ (triptych) Year: 2016
Artist Statement
“I don’t think I could have happily stayed here in the world if I did not have a way of thinking about it, which is what writing is for me,” said Toni Morrison (in a New York Times interview dated April 8th, 2015). I went back to school in mid life; I studied drawing and painting, and perhaps have found my way.
Our journeys feed our work. Last March I had my first solo show and it was called, “From the lengthened way,” adapted from a line in Alexander Pope’s poem which begins: A little learning is a dangerous thing… . The paintings were primarily of steep hills, diverging paths, bramble and thickets through the seasons. They were meant to evoke an interior landscape shaped by the choices we make.
New work I will be presenting at the Throckmorton Theatre is very much a continuation of that idea. The images are drawn more directly from my current reality to give form to a state of being – that of solitude. “Creative work needs solitude,” says Mary Oliver in her stirring essay ‘Of Power and Time’ (collected in her most recent book Upstream). These paintings attempt to explore fertile and uneasy solitude.
Paintings observing a solitary person in the everyday have a rich history in western art, including instances when painters turn the mirror on themselves. Not exactly self-portraits, they speak to our shared yearning for another to bear witness to our lives.
I am deeply grateful to the Throckmorton Theatre for this opportunity. And invite you to come see “Something will grow here,” opening on June 6th, 2017.
–Deepa Jayanth (deepecon@gmail.com


June Artist Reception and First Tuesday Art Walk: Tuesday, June 6, 2017 from 5:00-7:00pm