JULY 2017 Art Exhibit

JULY 2017 Art Exhibit

Main Theatre Gallery: Iqvinder Singh

Artist statement
Everything’s Fine in Chinatown is an observation of everyday lives and culture of Chinatowns throughout the U.S.A.  I had the opportunity to work all over the country and I was always very interested in how different ethnic groups settled down in America without losing their cultural identity.  Even though I photographed many other ethnic groups like Mexicans, Indians, Japanese, and Hmongs, I was always very intrigued by the Chinese.  Chinese, particularly the ones living and working in Chinatowns, held on to their cultural identity like no other ethnic group.  Regardless of what goes in the world, there never seems to be any politics in Chinatown.  It’s always business as usual.  There’s a blend of old, new, and hints of the future in Chinatown.  It’s a mashup of everything you want in one place: restaurants, art galleries, temples/churches, schools, etc.  My goal with these photographs is to not only capture life as it exists today but also document the changes that are brewing in the background.

About the Artist
Iqvinder Singh was born in Rajisthan, India and immigrated to Oakland in 1982.  In the early 90s, he got into photojournalism with some indirect influence from the L.A. riots in 1992.  Iqvinder wanted to be at the forefront to cover any civil right changes affecting people of color.  By profession, Iqvinder is a seasoned veteran in market planning and creative solutions.  He has served some of the biggest retailers in the country providing solutions in marketing, creative strategy, project management, and process improvement.  He has also taken the challenge to provide similar solutions for small businesses as an independent contractor. He has a deep understanding for corporate planning, leveraging talents in marketing, merchandising, operations, and finance.  As an artist and promoter, Iqvinder also likes to show his and his collective’s fine art work across the country.  He specializes in photojournalism but is also experienced in other mediums. In his spare time, Iqvinder enjoys spending time with his family, painting and photographing.  Iqvinder has a M.B.A. from Saint Mary’s University’s Marketing program and dual B.S. from San Francisco State University’s Business Administration and Industrial Design programs.  Complete list of previous exhibitions is available at www.singhdesignworks.com

Crescendo Gallery: Nina B. Leva

Artist Statement
I often absorb myself in watching the light on children’s faces, soft morning light or gentle afternoon light – watching a profile or an expression.  I do this all in the town my husband and my girls and I have lived in for the past thirty-five years, in Mill Valley, California.  My goal is to capture that time when I connect with my subject – when they let me enter their world; a pause, when the camera falls away, and my subject is real with me.  I love people and children, so I can be real with my subject.  I also love the interactions between parents and their children … these moments I love to capture on film.  I cherish the snippets of life reminding me of my own precious memories with my own family.  I have been photographing families and children in Mill Valley and the Bay Area for over twenty-five years.  I feel my work is a process that I pray will continue till the end of my life.  I have a passion for photography and people, connecting, and documenting this connection.

About the Artist
Marin County photographer Nina Leva exquisitely captures heart to heart moments of children at play, in contemplation, and in the essence of childhood. Nina chooses to work with candid shots and soft filtered natural light, using both 35mm and medium format cameras. She creates her own relationship with the children she photographs and the viewer reaps the benefit in a privileged view of the warmth of a child. Nina Leva is a graduate of the New School University in New York. She has studied photography at City College of San Francisco and College of Marin. Her photographs have appeared in the Mill Valley Record and in magazines and brochures in Marin County.

Artist Reception

July 30, 2017  |  5:30pm – 7:30pm  |  Throckmorton Theatre, Mill Valley CA