JANUARY 2018 Art Exhibition

JANUARY 2018 Art Exhibition

THEATRE GALLERY: “Winter Has its Delight” by Katy Kuhn

Katy seeks to find the essence of places and things in her images without seeking to definethe things themselves: that is left to the viewer. Her paintings are organic and dynamic, yet honed: spontaneity and energy are just as important as deliberation, composition and application of materials. In working large, Katy can realize the reach of her own physicality and fully immerse herself into each work of art. The result is an undeniable connection with the visual image and the artist herself.


“To paint is to create my own perfect world; tranquil, serene, inviting, bathed in the warm, luminous glow of watercolor”.

Her architectural training gets frequent use, and her love of gardens and flowers is indulged in her many compositions, which often feature architectural and floral elements with distant landscapes.

In addition she has painted many large murals in acrylics and has painted the images for, and produced, “The Diana Bradley Watercolor Calendar” for fourteen years. A limited edition of 100 prints has been created from each of her calendar images.

Diana has received several prestigious awards and is a signature member of both the National Watercolor Society and Watercolor West. Her watercolors are inmany private and corporate collections, such as Wells Fargo and the Spinnaker Restaurant. 


Tuesday, January 9th from 5:00-7:00pm at the Throckmorton Theatre.