November 2015 Art Exhibit – Peter Jablonski

Lilyhammer by Peter Jablonski

Artist Statement

I am self taught and started painting in 2011. I am very interested in exploring different artistic styles and techniques and like to try to capture the semi-conscious state between dreams and reality. Many established artists become known for a certain style or subject matter. I want my art to be appreciated for its varying styles and subject matter. Artist’s website and contact:,

About the Artist

I lived primarily in Point Arena, CA, Ft. Collins, CO, and Portland, OR before attending undergraduate and graduate school in New York. I graduated from the US Merchant Marine Academy and sailed on containerships after college before going back to school for a business degree. I then lived in Harlem from 1999-2006 developing real estate. I have lived in Mill Valley with my wife and son since 2008. I have always felt a deep appreciation and interest in wildlife and nature and liked to draw as a child. I played guitar for many years after college, but in my late thirties wanted a different creative outlet and turned to painting after being captivated by a Mark Rothko painting I saw at SFMOMA. Other artists I particularly admire are Peter Doig and Egon Schiele. My mother, Darlyn Jablonski, is also an accomplished artist who I have drawn inspiration from. I paint in my garage at night with the door open and have been visited by possums, skunks, raccoons, and even a curious fox. One of my paintings, Landfall, serves as the cover art for my late father’s novel of the same name, which was published posthumously in 2014. I am currently narrating the novel for an audiobook.

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