SEPTEMBER 2017 Art Exhibit

Theatre Gallery: Cathy Coe


Crescendo Gallery:  Ella Cleaveland and Mercer Jackson

Mercer Jackson’s Artist Statement  I guess I have always been interested in art. I remember when a classmate and I painted a mural on the back wall of our fourth grade classroom.  And, in high school, I was intrigued by a Norman Rockwell painting on the Saturday Evening Post which featured a sad black Cocker Spaniel.  I bought three tiny tubes of oil paint, black, red and white, and one brush, and painted the dog on a piece of redwood left over from some remodeling.

But I was distracted by raising five children, moving frequently, and then; going back to school to get my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees when the youngest was in first grade.

I finally discovered the art world when I attended an art class at Fort Mason in San Francisco.  I still remember the teacher, Irene Halpern, who was an inspiration.  I eventually moved to Petaluma, and had another wonderful teacher, Wanda Robin, who taught classes at the Petaluma Senior Center.

I started doing animal portraits (after years of abstracts and then still lives) when a neighbor asked me to paint a picture of their cat, Felix.  That was the start of my love of animal portraits.  I did many paintings of my friends’ dogs and cats.  I always said that my pleasure in the doing of the painting and their pleasure in receiving it was all the reward I wanted.

So I have continued through the last years, with my love of painting animals. Sometimes they were ‘real’ animals who belonged to friends.  Other times, I went to the computer to find images of animals that appealed to  me.  I continue to paint animals, although my sight is failing, because it is such an engrossing and satisfying use of my time.  Mercer Jackson