The Music Man!
Summer 2017
All Ages Production


For actors of all ages - professional and non-professional adults plus youth ages 8-18

There's trouble in River City when a fast-talking salesman gets his heart stolen by the town librarian. Meredith Willson's six-time, Tony Award-winning musical "The Music Man" will march into your heart with it's funny, romantic, and family-friendly story. It's family entertainment at its best!

"The Music Man" follows fast-talking traveling salesman, Harold Hill, as he cons the people of River City, Iowa, into buying instruments and uniforms for a boys' band that he vows to organize – this, despite the fact that he doesn't know a trombone from a treble clef. His plans to skip town with the cash are foiled when he falls for Marian, the librarian, who transforms him into a respectable citizen by curtain's fall.  This is truly an American musical theatre treasure that should be shared with every generation. Join us this summer 2017!

Directed by: Amy Marie Haven
Musical Director: Desiree Goyette-Bogas
June Cooperman


Please confirm acceptance of your role by emailing Reba Gilbert:

The Cast (*denotes a role that is double cast):

Harold Hill: Phillip Percy Williams

Marian Paroo: Nicole Helfer

Marcellus Washburn: Marty Dunn

Mrs. Paroo: Elizabeth Preim* Katie Butler*

Amaryllis: Kira Keane

Winthrop Paroo: David Keane* Cayden Alley*

Mayor Shinn: Ed Bogas

Eulalie Shinn: June Cooperman* Cheryl Jones*

Gracie Shinn: Elianna Green

Zaneeta Shin: Tyler Barnes* Emma Spike Neaman*

Tommy Jjilas: Alex Munoz* Javier Vacuna*

Charlie Cowell: T. R. Devlin

Ewart Dunlop: TBA

Oliver Hix: Nick Zabit

Jacey Squires: Tim Lynch

Olin Brit: Jay Krohnengold

Cond./Const. Locke: John Oppenheimer

Maud Dunlop: Shaunna Green

Alma Hix: Isabelle Ellingson

Mrs. Squires: Wendy Remington

Ethel Toffelmeier: Lily Jackson

Pickalittle Ladies:

Abby Burton

Trish Keane

Sherrell Teague

Valerie Salcedo

Imani Reynolds


Katie Darling

Kate DeLong

Clara Desmond

Elek Yozie

Caroline Scharf

Oliver Febbo

Sasha Moore

Charlotte Crowl


Oliver Febbo

Imani Reynolds

Wending Remington

Sherrell Teague

Nick Zabit

T.R. Devlin

Jay Krohnengold

*Offnight Ensemble:

Tyler Barnes

Emma Spike Neaman

Cheryl Jones

Alex Munoz

Javier Vacuna

David Keane

Cayden Alley

Katie Butler


June 19-July 26, evenings


July 22-26, 10am-5pm on weekend days, 6 to 10pm on weeknights


Thursday, July 27 @ 7pm

Friday, July 28 @ 7pm

Saturday, July 29 @ 7pm

Sunday July 30 @ 4pm

Thursday, August 3 @ 7pm

Friday, August 4 @ 7pm

Saturday, August 5 @ 7pm

Sunday, August 6 @ 4pm

For evening rehearsals, we will generally be going working in the hours between 4pm and 8pm, for young people, and 6pm and 10pm, for adults and principles. We will be reviewing the conflicts on the audition forms, but please remind us of any conflicts you have during the rehearsal period, including the need to arrive late or leave early. Scheduling is one of the most difficult tasks, so please consider all your conflicts carefully in your response.

There is a $525 enrollment fee for actors, 18 and under.

Again, please confirm acceptance of this offer as soon as possible by emailing Reba Gilbert:



Monday thru Friday various times, plus some weekends
June 19 – July 26


Thursday, July 27
Friday, July 28
Saturday, July 29
Sunday, July 30

Thursday, August 3
Friday, August 4
Saturday, August 5
Sunday, August 6

LEAD ROLES:  Stipends available

PRODUCTION FEEFor youth ages 18 & under
Scholarship/Financial aid is available.


Harold HillOur story's unsuspecting protagonist. A con man, traveling under the auspices of a salesman, he eventually falls in love with Marian Paroo. Charismatic and charming.

Marian Paroo — town Librarian and part time piano teacher who is suspicious of Harold Hill but also starts to fall for him.

Marcellus Washburn — Harold’s old friend, an ex con man, who now lives in River City.

Mayor George ShinnA blustery politician who is all too "self-important." Begrudgingly married to Eulalie, he is skeptical of the town rumor mill.

Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn— The Mayor Shinn's peacock wife. A serial gossiper and snob, she has trouble keeping her opinions to herself.

Mrs. Paroo- Cheerful and always plotting. An Irish widow and mother to Marian and Winthrop.

Winthrop Paroo- Marian's baby brother, he is very shy because of a noticeable lisp. Embraces Harold Hill and the marching band

Additional Characters/Ensemble:

Barbershop Quartet- Bickering group of men that Harold assembles:Ewart Dunlop, Oliver Hix, Jacey Squires, Olin Brit

Pickalittle ladies- comical gossiping quartet: Mrs. Squires, Alma Hix, Ethel Toffelmier and Maude Dunlap

Zaneeta Shin-The Mayor's fresh-faced daughter who is in love with Tommy. Sweet and outgoing. Appears to be daffy at times.

Charlie Cowell-A traveling salesmen who is on to Harold Hill's schemes. Tirelessy attempts to prove to everyone the true con man behind Harold Hill.

Amaryllis-A slightly bratty piano student of Marion Paroo.

Tommy Djilas-An attractive, young man from the wrong side of town. He is secretly courting Zaneeta.

Ensemble: Constable Locke, Newspaper Readers, River City Townspeople, Traveling Salesmen