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5-7PM Tivoli: Sunday Sessions Pro Showcase

Featuring Bassam Habal aka Sausalito Slim with Russ Whitehead, Robin Roth & Kimrea

Sunday, March 26 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm Free

The March 26th Pro Showcase will feature the entertaining Bassam Habel, AKA Sausalito Slim. The band for the evening includes Russ Whitehead on bass and vocals and Robin Roth on drums along with Kimrea on rhythm guitar and vocals.

This is a free show in a relaxed, intimate setting. A one-drink minimum is requested in support of the Throckmorton Theatre.  Performing in the Crescendo Room – come listen and discover the beauty of music in an intimate accessible setting. Plus catch up with the band in between songs!

Bassam Habal aka Sausalito Slim was born in Boston in 1970. As a young child in the 70s, his first real love of music was the funk and disco that he heard around ’77. Starting off on piano, he switched to playing bass around age 14 after hearing Led Zeppelin’s “Ramble On”. Around 4 years later after having his bass teacher show him the rhythm guitar part to Van Morrison’s “Domino,”he moved to playing guitar. As a Boston resident, his first band that he started was a Grateful Dead tribute band called “Electric Hummus” around 1997 that still continues to this day under a different name. Starting one of Boston’s most successful soul/funk bands, The Chicken Slacks Soul Revue, with a drummer from a previous band, he got to play many of the dance tunes from his youth. As a DJ on MIT’s radio station for 20 years, he was known as Mighty Slim and got to share his love of 60s and 70s music with a large local audience. Slim has always considered himself a performer/entertainer starting at a young age. He used to perform puppet shows and magic shows to his friends and family. When he got older, the outlet switched to music. Moving to the Bay Area in 2014 from Boston, he began performing around the Sausalito area and became known as Sausalito Slim. He looks forward to sharing his love of music and guarantees a night of fun.


For these Sunday Sessions we invite some of the Bay Area unsung working musicians to join us for our Pro Showcase and showcase their talent.  These musicians form the backbone of the Bay Area music scene and are established Bay Area performers, session players, sidemen and undiscovered talent!  Come for some fabulous music and discover real talent!

Kimrea, a prolifically active songwriter and performing musician, taps the talent for these Sunday Sessions, as well as the supporting musicians. She and her band continue to play regularly in the Bay Area and can be found every Monday Night (For the Last 14 years and counting) performing at the Historic No Name Bar in Sausalito, California.

Some of our past featured performers include:

Lisa Kindred www.lisakindred.com (Blues Singer)
Derek Evans https://www.facebook.com/derek.evans.7374 (R&B, Jazz, Country, Rock, Blues Singer)
Jose’ Neto www.joseneto.com (Brazillian Jazz)
Ron Borelli http://www.ronborelli.com/ (Master Accordion Player, Classics, Jazz and Italian music)
Todd Swensen https://www.facebook.com/toddwswenson (Master Guitarist, Country, Rock, R&B, Blues, Jazz)
GiGi Amos http://www.twogees.com/ (Blues Guitarist & Singer)
Grant Ewald https://www.facebook.com/grant.ewald.3 (Pianist and vocalist, all styles)
Backing musicians: Joe Lococo – guitar, Russ Whitehead – bass, Willie Riser – bass, Elvis Johnson – drums, Roscoe Gallo – Piano

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