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3-5pm: Artist Reception Marlene Sinicki, The Sustainability of Beauty

Saturday, March 25 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Join us this afternoon for a reception for artist Marlene Sinicki whose show, The Sustainability of Beauty is one of our March Art Exhibits.


In my show The Sustainability of Beauty, I synthesize the principles of sustainability and life-affirming stories about green living into drawings, paintings and digital illustrations. I created this series to express my curiosity about living within natural limits and how beauty evokes emotions that transform. The question I ask myself is how can I inspire people to reengage with these ideas from a fresh perspective.

The art in the show contains both abstract and representational imagery arranged as a journey, from the molecule to the home. With each image, I challenge convention. In order to gain a wider audience, I invented metaphors for concepts like living within natural limits, interdependency of all life forms, harmony, diversity, cooperation as well as resources like renewables and sustainable water. In the process of developing the work, I discovered that my approach needed to be anchored with the values of hope, empathy and humor. I want to surprise and delight the viewer with conscious activism.

My paintings and drawings invoke the natural world with vibrant colors and sensual organic forms. Inspired by the words of Emily Dickenson, I seek ‘that phosphorescence, that light within’ in my art. I make striking paintings on paper with ink, watercolors and pastels. The inky blackness of the dancing strokes and the manipulated pigments allow me to experiment with uplifting styles and palettes.

I draw inspiration for my digital illustrations from activist poster art and billboards. Bright colors, flat surfaces and graphic forms create immediacy with my subject: sustainability.

The intent of my art is to spark a breakthrough of concern and passion for the environment. I invite the viewer to be inspired to take action. More information at https://marlenesinicki.com/

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