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Ron Macannan’s Pursuit & A Portrait of a Legend, Hank Easom plus Q & A!

Thursday, September 3, 2015 @ 7:00 pm $20 - $30

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Tonight we are proud to present two Life on the Water films of two local legends: RON MACANNAN and HANK EASOM.  Both Ron and Hank’s passion for sailing has spanned over 7 decades. Together they sailed to first place in the 2015 Master Mariners Benevolent Association (MMBA) Regatta on board Ron’s boat, Pursuit. These long time friends will be together again on stage for a lively Q&A.   Please note – this event is two nights only!  Thursdays September 3 and 10.


Almost 90, Ron Macannan is a Sausalito legend who is the proud owner of one of the most impeccable vessels in the Sausalito Yacht Harbor: Pursuit – an M Class 82′ Sloop. Pursuit is just as unique as its owner and their stories are intertwined. Ron reveals – with candor and humor – how he acquired Pursuit, his special part in Sausalito’s history, the wisdom earned by years of simply aiming for the horizon and much more. The film of Ron’s colorful and complex world both on land and sea – has been screened in packed venues to high praise. Life on the Water is thrilled to be featuring his portrait tonight.

A Portrait of a Legend, Hank Easom

Hank Easom, a highly-respected San Francisco Bay area legend, has been a part of the waterfront for over 70 years. His passion for sailing began when he was 8 years old. He won his first trophy at the age 11. In 1971 Hank was awarded the prestigious Yachtsman of the Year from the St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco, and honored again as YOTY in 2014, this time from the San Francisco Yacht Club. Even at the age of 80, Hank is still out there racing – and winning – in his 1937 8-meter sloop, Yucca. His portrait will take us from his early years to present day and his story will surely be awe-inspiring just as Hank himself is.


About Life on the Water:  The ocean and water itself is a global experience. As humans we are drawn to it. We are bound to it and to each other by a difficult-to-define unity. It is as if we all deeply yearn to reconnect ourselves with something primal that is shared by both the ocean and our very own blood.
Life On The Water films celebrate the history, culture and achievements of individuals who have spent much of their life on the water. The films are defined by character-driven narratives crafted to preserve history, recognize inspiring individuals and to have universal engaging appeal for general audiences.  For further information visit their website at www.lifeonthewater.us

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