AUGUST 2017 Art Exhibit

AUGUST 2017 Art Exhibit

August Art Exhibits will be artists Ellen Blonder and Melinda May in Theatre Gallery and Cynthia Jensen in Crescendo Gallery

Ellen Blonder, Artist Statement 

Ivory Rooster and Family, 16 in. x 20 in, acrylic on canvas board, © 2017 Ellen Blonder

Chickens escaped from their enclosures all over Kauai during Hurricane Iniki in 1992. Because they have no major predators, they multiplied rapidly, and you now see them everywhere. I’m fascinated by the beauty and variety in their feather patterns. The other birds are both wild and domesticated. The goats are domesticated, too, but I moved them to a lusher landscape than the pastures where I photographed them.

I rarely worked with acrylic paints during my freelance career, but I love using them to mix rich, tropical colors. These paintings are done on stretched canvas, canvas board and Masonite. Painting catch-as-catch-can, the larger canvases take months to finish.  website:; email:


“The Parties Over” Steel 15″ X 11″ X 12″


“Driven to Extinction” Art Exhibition of works by Cynthia Jensen

Cynthia Jensen is a San Francisco Bay Area sculptor whose work documents the impact of our industrial society on the environment. Inspired by specimens and artifacts in museums of natural history and anthropology, Jensen creates contemporary masks and sculptures of people and animals showing the effects of human actions on our fragile ecosystems.

Jensen’s sculptures are surprisingly whimsical and eclectic. She combines organic materials (clay, wood, bone) with industrial materials (recycled steel, plastic, rubber wire). Found objects are incorporated, including domestic items used in everyday life such as a pudding mold, bicycle seat, shoe stretcher, and a bathtub leg. These materials, manufactured products of our civilization, are turned upside down and inside out in a chaotic version of their original purpose.

Jensen brings an artist’s sensibility to a deadly serious issue. Through dark humor and odd juxtapositions, she makes us see and feel what is happening to humans and animals. Her sculptures show the effects of greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, overdevelopment, and climate change.